Hi, Holly Kimberley, a London based mum of one with a 10+ year career in fashion.  I started The Bump Edit because I truly believe you shouldn’t have to give up your style because you’re pregnant. It can be tough however to navigate all that’s on offer, and The Bump Edit looks to bring you the best of maternity and non-maternity wear on the high street which will work for you and your growing bump.

As I went through pregnancy, and friends around me did too I found all too often women struggling to find options which they really wanted to wear which also supported their growing bump. You give up much of yourself in pregnancy and motherhood, and still being able to dress as you want is incredibly important. Finding the time to find what’s right for you can be tricky though, so hopefully The Bump Edit can do some of the leg work for you.

Maternity wear is a growing market in the UK and some brands are doing it really well so The Bump Edit is looking to bring you the best there is for stylish mums to be.

However the assortment and choice for true maternity wear is still sadly limited, so I’m hopeful that curating the non maternity available on the high street which will work for you and growing bump will provide some ideas and inspiration for pregnancy and beyond.

My ethos is about style, but it’s also about investing in the right things, so that your pregnancy wardrobe isn’t just packed up and put away once baby is here. Whether that means buying non maternity wear which will accommodate your growing bump, or finding maternity wear that you’ll still want to wear once you’re a mum, hopefully The Bump Edit can inspire you to have fun with fashion whilst you’re pregnant.

If you’d like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you at